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Cold Pressed

Cold pressed olives are pressed with a modern steel press instead of using heat to extract the oil. Although using heat gives producers a larger yield, it greatly dulls the delicate flavors, nutritional value and aromas found in a prized extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

Extra Virgin

Extra-virgin olive oil is an unrefined oil and therefore considered premium due to its remarkable ability to retain its true flavor. It has less than 1% oleic acid and retains more if it’s natural minerals and vitamins from the fruit. This process is the healthy choice both nutritionally and because it’s not treated with chemicals or chemical-compound-altering heat.

This finished product is best known for its golden-green color and light peppery taste.

Note: Beware that extra-virgin olive oil has a low smoke point so it’s best used for dressings, cold dishes, and dips—not as suitable for frying or baking. Consider other less expensive alternatives for high heat such as coconut oil.


Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is a foodie favorite for its nutritious full-body flavor.

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