Smitten by Matcha, The Tea Spot Matcha Starter Kit


This elegant 5-piece Matcha Starter Kit includes:

  • Ceremonial ceramic matcha bowl
  • Bamboo whisk (chasen)
  • Ceramic whisk holder
  • Wooden matcha spoon
  • Organic Matcha Tin: 12g (12+ Servings)
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The Tea Spot Accessories Matcha Starter Kit

SMITTEN BY MATCHA has everything you need to take your matcha love affair to the next level. The ceremony-grade organic green tea powder and authentic tools make it easy for you to develop the skills to whip up a fresh, inviting bowl of antioxidant-rich green tea for yourself or your guests. Once you’ve whisked your first bowl of traditional ceremonial matcha, you’ll be taken by this electric green elixir that embodies harmony, respect, and tranquility.

Additional Traditional Matcha and Organic Matcha can be purchased to complement this set.

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